VIP Token / PreMint List

 World of Athletes Club 

A new community launching to support women's sports and give back $1M to female athletes in fan voted bonuses! 
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Title IX we are launching a movement in Women's Sports that has never been seen before! We are going to pay WNBA athletes $1M in fan voted bonuses! Oh, and you get to meet them each week if you own the NFT. 
There are 20+ female athletes that are part of this initiative and you'll be able to meet them as well as get VIP access to the Women in Sports Virtual Summit. 


Here's what else you'll get: 
  • You get to vote each week on which athlete gets the bonuses
  • VIP Access to Women in Sports Virtual Summit 
  • Virtual Meet & Greets with Athletes
  • Exclusive discounts on future tokens, nft's, events, etc. 
  • Lifetime membership to Sports Biz Network for monthly roundtables, networking, events, etc. 
  • Ownership of NFT IP


  • First Drop: VIP Access token dropping soon! 
  • Collection: Coming Q1 2023
  • Virtual Meet & Greets with Athletes: 2023
  • Women in Sports Summit & Awards Show: Q1 2023

We appreciate the support and LFG! 

Or sign up for the PreMint list for future drops!